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If it is your first trip to Bali then we would be happily to suggest you & family where to go visiting the events / activities on the island. Please read a 4 day itineraries list below, but if you have anything special in mind please let us know!

1st Trip ( Taman Ayun - Alas kedaton - Tanah Lot )

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Taman Ayun in Mengwi is Bali’s second larges temple complex. The temple is located on ground surrounded by wide moat. The stone-carved gate at the entrance is impressive.
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A temple surrounded by monkey forest & a hundred of Bats. A favourite of the tourist crowds. .
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One of Bali’s most important coastal temples. This 16th Century temple is built atop a huge rock outcrop in the sea. At low tide it is possible to walk up to the temple. Take a sarong and dress accordingly. It is said that the temple is guarded by poisonous snakes. Sunset is the best time to visit, when the golden and red sky frames the temple and the waves crash into the rocks.

2nd Trip ( Museum Bali - Batu bulan - Kintamani )

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Located in Denpasar, with a splendid collection of art and artifacts from prehistoric to historic times.
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Stone figures on the roadside mark the village of Batubulan, the center of stone carving in Bali. Divinities and demons are carved from sandstone to be used in houses and temples, or to be placed before entrance and on road intersection. Workshops are open for visitors to see artists at work.
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Kintamani is perched on the rim of a vast crater, overlooking the crater lake and its bubbling hot springs. Lake Batur is the largest in Bali, and provides water for an underground network of streams and springs across the southern slopes of the mountain. Enjoy spectacular views of Mount Batur, with ribbons of black lava running down from its peak into the valley below. The evenings can get cool but an overnight stay is well worth it, to climb the mountain and watch the sunrise, or just to take a midnight dip in one of the springs.

3nd Trip ( Uluwatu - Dreamland - GWK - Jimbaran )

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Uluwatu temple is precariously located at the point of a sheer cliff on the island's southern peninsula. It is one of the oldest and most important temples in Bali, one of the six original sad khayangan (territorial) temples on the island. More recently Uluwatu has also become famous for its challenging surf break (experienced surfers only), and spectacular views from the warungs (restaurants) perched on the cliff.
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Located on the Bukit peninsula, on the island of Bali, Indonesia.The beach provides basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day trippers. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, it is also renowned for its dangerous shorebreak.
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About 2km south of the Four Season junction, a huge sign point you east of the main Uluwatu road to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, or GWK.This massive project, which is still being carved out of the hillside, is set to be a cultural park and event centre, centred around a towering 146metre statue of the Hindu god Vishnu astride his sacred vehicle, the half man, half bird Garuda.

4th Trip ( Besakih - Bedugul - Gitgit )

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Known as “The Mother Temple of Bali”. The sanctuary of Besakih on the slopes of Mt. Agung is the biggest and holliest of all Balinese temples. The sight of the temple against the backdrop of the mountain is other-worldly.
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When the heat and humidity finally get to you, it's time to get away to Bedugul, Bali's highland retreat, tucked into the crater of an extinct volcano, 1400 meters above sea level. The three lakes of the area provide the water for the fields, rivers and springs on the plains below. Lush pine forests make for clean air. The area is renowned for its fruit and vegetables.
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Located 10 km south of Singaraja, not far from the main road, Git-git is an impressive 40m waterfall that gushes into a deep pool. A swim here can be a very refreshing experience.